Psychiatric Center, Inc.

Jay V. Narola, M.D.


     My nursing career started in 1984 as an Licensed Practical Nurse at Pikeville Methodist Hospital (now Pikeville Medical Center) as a medical-surgical nurse. I quickly realized I wanted to know more about nursing and returned to school part-time while working full-time. My nursing education has been a long but rewarding journey.  Along this journey I became interested in psychiatric nursing and have practiced in this field for the last 21 years. I  worked briefly on an inpatient psychiatric unit but the majority of my experience has been in outpatient services. I have worked the last 20 years with community mental health centers.  I provided psychiatric evaluations, diagnosis, treatment interventions, prescribed medications and monitored treatment for individuals with various mental health disorders. I am also trained to provide psychotherapy/counseling.  I’m particularly interested  in cognitive behavior psychotherapy, problem solving and  solution oriented counseling and supportive psychotherapy. I have also taught psychiatric nursing at Pikeville College.  I can’t remember wanting to be anything  but a nurse and I am thankful for opportunities that being a nurse has provided me.

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