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Jay V. Narola, M.D.

Dr. Jay V. Narola

I offer psychotherapy or counseling, psychiatric medication management, TMS, crisis management, and support for developing an overall emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle, using a variety of combined approaches tailored to meet your individual needs. TMS is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation - please see the link on this page for more information about this effective non-invasive and possibly non-pharmacologic treatment for depression.

  My intention is to balance an active approach with the patience to listen to and truly hear you, while we carefully address difficult issues together. My desire is to be clear and honest while working with you for optimal change as a proactive partner in your successful therapy, creating a safe clearing in which confusing issues can become clear and workable. 

I am experienced working with people ranging in age from six years and up. I appreciate cultural, ethnic and professional diversity, and work with people from all walks of life. I have familiarity with those in artistic/creative professions as well as from business and professional backgrounds. 

If you are in psychotherapy or counseling already, I provide psychiatric medication consultation, and work using a collaborative team approach with your current therapist and other providers, as appropriate. Regardless of our treatment arrangement, I emphasize an integrative approach which includes optimizing lifestyle and general health, while balancing biological, psychological and social factors to provide the best result possible. 

Based on my own experience, I am optimistic that under the right circumstances change and growth are not only possible, but are practically inevitable.Regardless of whether you decide to consult with me, I encourage you to move forward with plans for finding and developing new and better ways of living. If you suffer from chronic or difficult-to-treat depression, and are reluctant to take medication or have found medication ineffective or unacceptable, please visit the TMS site at a useful alternative to medications.

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